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This is a way to help support the cost, time and effort that goes into this website, templates and VBA driven excel programs.  If you find the free information on this website useful you can help by subscribing for a small yearly rate of $19.50/year (USD). (that's only $1.63 per month) In appreciation subscribers will get access to the IIEX group at Yahoo where you can download files including the file I use to help analysis stocks. Some template videos are available here. From the group site you can also choose how (or if) you want to be notified for updates, etc. The group is also a place to share ideas, start discussions, or ask questions.  For specific detail on the templates click the "Templates" tab above or send me an email.
Recent Developments:Guru has changed their site and moved some of the 10Y data to a subscription. Only 5Y financial data is now free vs the 10Y shown in the Fairvalue Analysis template video. The revised template works exactly the same as previously with 5Y historical financial data. Any questions feel free to email me. GURU members can sign into Guru and the template will download 10Y data. This only applies to templates downloading financials from Guru.
These templates download data from free sites.  There is no guarantee they will continue to work if any websites change their design although in many cases it only takes an adjustment to get back up and running if they still allow their data to be downloaded through the Excel web query. The templates were made for financials for the US markets that are on the GuruFocus site or other sites used in the templates. I cannot modify the template for other markets since I only subscribe to the US market on Guru and as far as I know the US market is the only market that Guru provides up to 5Y financial data on which includes TTM for free. You can email me if there are any questions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you are logged into the IIEX Yahoo group and have access to the files no refunds will be allowed. If you cancel you still have access  to updates and files for the term of the subscription.


Don't want a yearly subscription? Subscribe then cancel the subscription through your PayPal account once you have access to the group; access is still granted for a year.


Any questions? Just email me (Dave) at


 through PayPal.  No PayPal account? Signing up is easy and free, click here. You can also pay through PayPal with a credit card. (one year is $1.63 per month or about a nickel per day)
If you do not see an email be sure it did not go to your junk folder.
 Of course you can unsubscribe at anytime and your current subscription will expire on the anniversary date.